Monday, July 28, 2008

I-Speak Video

For this project we were required to take a poem and interpret it using digital video.  I chose the poem, Pride, by Dahlia Ravikovitch (given to me by Amy Vanderwater) because I thought it was a very deep and meaningful poem.  I thought the poem was about strength of pride and spirit.  As people age, so does their pride.  Although you cannot see pride, you know it is there.  Pride can be very strong, but one small thing can happen and easily destroy this pride.  

Book Preview for YOKO

This project was meant to be like a movie trailer introducing a book or concept.  It could have also been an Edu-mercial, making a commercial and putting a spin on new curriculum or a current issue.  This video is a book preview for the story, Yoko, by Rosemary Wells.  It can be used as an anticipatory set to a lesson for active engagement.  The video can be used as a prereading comprehension strategy because it serves as a picture walk that gets the students thinking about the details and plot of the story.  

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hello, my name is Miss Militello and I will be a fifth grade teacher at Big Tree Elementary in the Frontier School District.  I was previously a special education teacher in the district, so this is my time having my very own class. I am really excited to decorate my room and meet my students!

I am also starting a coaching position in the winter for Frontier High School as an assistant coach for the Girls Indoor Track and Field team.  This is one of my first coaching experiences, and I am looking forward to coaching a high school team.