Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ok, there are many different types of cartoons and comics out there: some you find in the Sunday paper, some in comic books, others on Cartoon Network. What do you think about this type of cartoon? How does it apply to you?

This is an example of a political cartoon because there is a political message behind the characters and their dialogue. Using this cartoon as an example, create your own cartoon on how you feel about the State Tests. Take a few minutes to think about the message you want to send to your readers before jumping right into it. Also, use the site Political Cartoons... under the Fun Games, Activities, and Sites heading. This site can help students and teachers with ideas for using political cartoons in the classroom.


For this assignment, use lyrics from the Jonas Brothers or other pop singers to create a digital video of your interpretation of the words. You can work on this assignment with partners! Please make use a Scene Sketcher first, then record your pieces using your Scene Sketcher as a guide. Also visit the link, Sing Along with the Jonas Brothers to help give you ideas!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teen Ink Magazine

The Teen Ink Magazine is an online magazine, book series, and website devoted to teenage writing and art. It is an open avenue for kids to express themselves, and explore the writing of other kids their own age. It offeres some thoughtful and creative work that includes the topics of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photos, opinions, and sports! To visit it, Check out the list of links under Fun Games, Activities, and Sites!

Think Critically Think About Your Education

"...Its reading and math, forget all the rest
you don't need to know what is not on the test.
...The school board is faced with No Child Left Behind
with rules but no funding they're caught in a bind.
So music and art and the things you love best
are not in your school 'cuz they're not on the test..."

These are some lines from the song that Tom Chapin wrote with John Foster. Think critically about the song and the video: What are the objects seen, and what is being said? Is it positive or negative? What is happening and how it is said and heard?